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Gas Thermostat Control

Tejas Smokers® offers a Robert-Shaw low pressure, thermostat gas controller which is well suited for use with smoker pits, pig cookers, deep fryers, hog roasters, and many other set-temperature applications. This thermostat gas controller does not use electricity to operate. It is a complete controller of all gas functions and has an internal safety shut-off so that if the pilot light goes out, all the gas to both the pilot and any burners will be shut off within 20 to 30 seconds. The thermostat gas controller comes with a thermocouple, pilot light and tubing, a temperature probe, a piezo spark-ignitor to light the pilot, and a 3/8” ID outlet gas hose. The tubing and hose are both 5' to 6’ in length.  The thermostat gas controller will turn the burner on and off based upon the temperature setting. It can be used with low pressure propane or natural gas, with a maximum inlet pressure of 0.5 psi. Tejas Smokers® is ready to help you in automating your application. Send a drawing of your setup to info@TejasSmokers.com. We will review it and call you back.


TRSTC210-600 - 210°F to 600°F Thermostat Low Pressure Thermostat Controller     OUT OF STOCK 


TRSTC210-600 - 210ºF to 600ºF  - Robert-Shaw Low Pressure Propane or Natural Gas thermostat controller with a working range from 210°F to 600°F.  This assembly consists of a pilot light, spark ignitor, thermocouple, 3/8"ID gas hose, and a temperature probe.

The Gas Controller is ideal for use in BBQ pits, smoker pits, grills, fryers, pig roasters, fryers or griddles.  With such a wide temperature range the applicartions are numerous.

Wt. 4#.    Free shipping to the 48 contiguous U.S. States

VIDEO: How to Install a Thermostatic Control on a Pipe Burner or any Burner



TejasSmokers.com ships Thermostat Gas Controllers  freight free to Florida, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Washington, Oregon ... and to all of the other 48 contiguous U.S. States.