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2442 Deluxe BBQ Smoker Pit

2442 Deluxe BBQ Smoker Pit - OUT OF STOCK


​2442 Deluxe BBQ Pit Smoker - 24" diameter barrel x 42" length, firebox and barrel are 1/4" thick plate steel

The Tejas Smokers® model 2442 Deluxe outdoor barbecue pit smoker is built to last and built with great attention to detail. Our Texas barbecue pit smoker holds temperature and does not leak because the doors and lids seal tight. This newest Tejas Smokers® pit is a pleasure to cook on. You can concentrate on COOKING, not messing with the bbq pit to keep it at temperature. As befitting a top-of-the-line smoker pit, it is outfitted with all the bells and whistles and then some. Our price INCLUDES the popular options others charge extra for, and several features that no one else offers. Designed for those who want only the best, from Tejas Smokers®, Houston,Texas.


  • 2442 deluxe smoker pit

    2442 Deluxe

  • framed slide out lower cooking grate in model 2442 smoker pit

    Framed Slide Out Cooking Grate

  • two slide out cooking grates which are fully supported in model 2442 smoker pit barrel

    Both Framed Cooking Grates are Fully Supported

  • model 2442 barrel cooking grates

    Mid Level Cooking Grate Removed to Show
    Additional Lower Cooking Grate in Barrel

  • direct cooking grate in model 2442 firebox

    Direct Grill Cooking Grate at Top of Firebox

  • framed cooking grate in firebox of model 2040 smoker pit

    Direct Grill Cooking Grate at Top of Firebox

  • griddle and heat baffle installed in firebox of model 2442

    Lid Heat Baffle and Griddle Surface Installed

  • heat baffle and griddle will slide out firebox door of model 2442 smoker pit

    Heat Baffle / Griddle Slides Out Firebox Door

  • wood rack installed in top position of firebox of model 2442 smoker pit

    Wood Rack Installed in Top Position

  • view through firebox of model 2442 smoker pit

    View Through Firebox of Lower Cooking Grate
    in Barrel. 45 Degree Heat Baffle is Visible

  • wood rack installed in the lowest position of model 2442 firebox

    Wood Rack Installed at Lowest Position.
    Loglighter/Gas Assist Pipe is Visible Underneath

  • log lighter and gas assist above ash pan in model 2442 smoker pit

    Loglighter Pipe / Gas Assist and Ash Pan

  • slide out ash pan in firebox of model 2442 smoker pit

    Gas Needle Control Valve Visible Near 10" Solid Tire.
    Ash Pan is Partially Removed.

  • model 2442 smoker pit with stainless steel front shelf in place

    2442 Deluxe with Stainless Steel Table in Place
    and Optional Swivel Sauce Bowl

  • full view of large stainless steel shelf in front

    Oversized (12" depth) Stainless Steel Table
    Provides Ample Clean Work Area

  • optional swivel sauce bowl for basting meats installed on model 2442 smoker pit

    Optional Swivel Sauce Bowl for Basting

  • Tejas Smokers logo on front of the model 2442 smoker pit

    Our Telephone Number is on the Pit

  • needle control valve for the log lighter and gas assist standard on model 2442 smoker pit

    Needle Control Valve for the Gas Assist

  • gas convenience outlet on model 2442 smoker pit

    Gas Hose From the Needle Control Valve to
    the Gas Assist. The Blue Plug Is Covering
    the Gas Convenience Outlet. Handy Setup!

Affordable optional extras such as a Cooker Stands, side burner sauce bowl, Premium vinyl cover, and high btu/hr crab cookers are available. The 2442 Deluxe has a gas convenience outlet which makes it easy to quick connect whatever high pressure propane appliance you wish in just seconds:

  • dual burner cooker stand installed using gas convenience outlet on model 2442 smoker pit

    Cooker Stand with QD Pigtail for the Gas Hose
    Coming from the Convenience Outlet

  • optional premium vinyl cover for model 2442 smoker pit

    Premium Heavy Duty Fitted Vinyl Cover

Pit Dimensions of the Model 2442 Deluxe BBQ Smoker Pit

►     75"L x 25"D x 49.5"H with smokestack installed, 60.5" without smokestack in place

Cooking Areas of the Model 2442 Deluxe BBQ Smoker Pit:

     ♦   36.5" x 22" at mid level slide out cooking grate

     ♦   36.5" x 15" top slide out cooking grate

     ♦   36.5" x 13.25" on lower lift out cooking grate in barrel (for a tall item, not as a charcoal rack)

     ♦   23" x 23" firebox direct grilling grate

     ♦   Height above center cooking grate in barrel - 12.5"

     ♦   Distance between removable lower cooking grate in barrel to center (main) cooking grate - 7.5"

     ♦   2,363 square inches of total cooking surface (35% more cooking surface than the model 2040)

►     1/4" thick plate steel firebox and barrel

►     Wood storage rack below barrel of the bbq pit smoker - 24" x 42"

►     Firebox: 24"w x 23.5"d x 23.5"h

►     Capacity of water reservoir ~ 6 gallons

Weight/Shipping/Dimensions of the Model 2442 Deluxe BBQ Smoker Pit:

►     Weight - 810 pounds, Crated weight - 1,050 pounds (special rate)

►     Smoker Pits are sold F.O.B. Houston Texas. Crated weight is classified as a flat 1000 pounds (a special lower LTL freight rate). At no extra charge we provide crating suitable for safe domestic shipping by truck. Freight charges, however, must be quoted and paid for separately. Such special payment items like freight can be made by using the MAKE PAYMENT option found at the bottom of this page. Call or email us requesting a quote before ordering.

►     Domestic crate dimensions: 84"L x 36"D x 54"

►     International crate dimensions: 85"L x 37"D x 55"H, crated weight at 1,200 pounds. For more information on International Shipments see the link at the bottom of this page.


2442 Deluxe BBQ Smoker Pit Standard Features:

►     cooking barrel of the bbq pit smoker measures 24" x 42"

►     drop down front flat stainless steel table - 12"d x 36"w (not an expanded metal table surface), 432 square inches

►     (4) utensil hooks underneath front table

►   (4) air cooled stainless steel spring handles on firebox door and (2) lids

►     slide out mid level cooking grate in barrel

►     upper framed slide out cooking grate in barrel

►     lower framed lift out cooking grate in barrel for cooking taller items, not for use as a charcoal rack

►     fully framed cooking grate for direct grilling at top of firebox

►     chimney rain cap cover at left end of barrel

►     adjustable air intake on firebox door promotes even log burns

►     1/4" thick plate steel SQUARE firebox and barrel

►     heat-deflector 45° angled baffle between the firebox and the barrel

►     gas assist/log lighter complete assembly, with needle valve control, gas regulator, and 5' hose

►     (1) full sized ash pan for firebox, 18" x 19" x 1 1/4" x 3/16"

►     (1) firebox heat baffle / griddle surface - 22.75" x 22.75" x 1 1/4" x 3/16"

►     smoker pit uses standard 18" logs

►    ash rake/cleaning tool for cleaning the pit

►     1 1/4" grease & water drain, with quarter turn brass ball drain valve

►    stainless steel temperature gauge, 3" dial face

►     gas convenience outlet (high pressure) under the barrel at rear of firebox

►     extra large wheels: 5" front swivels, 10" rear hard rubber tires


OPTIONAL Accessories for the 2040 BBQ Smoker Pit:

►    swivel sauce bowl

►    premium heavy duty fitted vinyl cover with grommets

►    48" high chimney extension for low wind situations

►    BACON press with stainless steel wire handle

►     See Pit Accessories for these and for more items like Stainless Steel Drunken Chicken Stands or Stainless Steel Rib Racks.

  • bacon press installed on model 2442 firebox
  • bacon press resting vertically on lip of the firebox of model 2442 smoker pit
  • bacon press resting on side lip of 2442 firebox

The BACON-F Press Fits Inside Of, and Will Rest Vertically On the 1/4" Thick Firebox Ledges of the Models 2040 Deluxe, 2040CC Deluxe,and 2442 Deluxe Smoker Pits. You Can Purchase the BACON-F version of the BACON Press where the Griddles are Sold.


This bbq pit is the perfect size offset-firebox bbq pit smoker for cooking for twelve to twenty people.


Special Offer with the Purchase of a 2040 BBQ Smoker Pit:

When you first purchase a Tejas Smoker Pit or Grill you have the option of purchasing our Charcoal Grate Forks, Fire Pokers, or 14" Poppa's Hooks at $10.00 each. The regular price of a #1510 Charcoal Grate Fork is $17.95. The regular price of a #1512 Fire Poker is $17.95. The regular price of a Left Hand or Right Hand 14" Poppa's Hook is $21.95.

  • Special Purchase of Fire Poker, Poppas Hooks, and Charcoal Grate Fork

There is no limit to the number of these you can purchase but they must be shipped with the pit or grill In order to receive your special discount, do NOT place these items in your shopping cart. You must either call us (713 222 0077) or request this in a COMMENT during the online checkout process when you place your pit or grill order. These items, like freight, may be paid separately using the MAKE PAYMENT option at the bottom of this page.

Tejas Smokers® ships charcoal grills and smoker pits all over the world. As a high volume shipper we get excellent freight rates. Call us at 713 222 0077 for custom freight quotes to your location. Of course, you can pick your 1628 Smoker Pit up at our warehouse if you live nearby. We try to keep all models in stock. Got questions? Give our smoker pit specialists a call.

Call it a bbq pit, an outdoor barbecue pit, a smoker pit, or a bbq smoker pit... in Houston Texas we call it a Tejas Smoker. Our model 2040 Deluxe Tejas barbecue pit is a popular choice because it holds temperature steady and that makes it a great bbq pit to cook on. Folks that know what they are doing can produce good bbq on ANY kind of barbecue pit ... the difference is: How EASY is it to do? If you have to constantly tend the fire in the bbq pit firebox to keep the temperature from wandering then it is not much fun. Tejas Smokers® barbecue pits hold temperature and that makes ALL the difference in the full enjoyment of your chef experience. Tejas Smokers® barbecue pits from Houston Texas.