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Brass Fittings and Valves  

Tejas Smokers stocks the brass gas fittings, brass orifice fittings, brass gas orifice control needle valves (CVO),  brass gas valves, and brass nipples needed to make a custom gas control manifold for cooker stands or pipe burners.  We also stock a variety of POL gas fittings and disposable bottle adapter gas fittings for propane tanks. Pricing includes free shipping to the 48 contiguous US States on orders over $5.00.

New Item:  Precision Machined Brass Gas Needle Valve 1/4" female NPT x 3/8" male Gas Flare

Our selection of Brass Gas Fittings, Propane Tank Gas Connectors, Gas Pressure Gauges, Gas Orifice Fittings, and Gas Valves is comprehensive.            Click the Colored Heading below for:



Tejas Smokers maintains large inventories of a wide variety of brass gas fittings, brass gas orifice fittings, propane tank gas fittings, propane control gas valves, brass nipples, and disposable cylinder gas fittings.   We ship to Canada, Australia and all parts of the world every day. Pricing includes free shipping to all the 48 contiguous U.S. States - California, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, New York, Florida, Louisiana...all 48!  Call 713 222 0077 if you require assistance.