About Tejas Smokers

Tejas Barbecue Pits and Barbecue Grills are quality-made with new, heavy plate steel, to insure a lifetime of trouble-free use. Our barbecue pits are built with HEAVY PLATE STEEL, not pipe, like some manufacturers use. We have the large equipment to roll our own custom barrels. Work at our plant is directed by three on-site, bachelors degree professional mechanical engineers. Welding throughout our product line is first class because our welders are properly trained, supervised, and highly experienced.

Our fitted doors securely latch and fit tightly. The flange-sealed lids contain the heat and smoke to insure evenly cooked food. Tejas Smokers are noted for holding constant temperature so you don't have to continually watch the pit. All of our barrel barbecue pits have firebox baffle plates which prevent flare-ups and help "tune" the temperature evenly within the cooking barrel. Tejas barbecue pits all feature large water reservoirs in the bottom of the barrel so the meats stay moist. We don't cut any corners in the construction process or in our choice of quality fabricating materials. Our pits are crafted with great pride, they look good, and they will cook even better. Furthermore, a Tejas barbecue smoker pit or barbecue grill is built to last.

We feature oversized folding work tables. All Tejas barbecue pits move with ease because we use heavy duty swivel front wheels and large inset rear wheels which won't get hung up going through a patio gate. Get a firm grip on the quality rubber handles!

No detail is too small...we even drill holes in the center of all our hinges so that oil can be inserted directly into the center of the hinge. All Tejas barbecue pits and grills include stainless steel spring handles which are cool to the touch and do not rust. The corner welds on our smoker pits are carefully ground smooth, and the finished product is a pit or grill that anyone would be proud to own.

You can dress up your barbecue smoker pit with optional accessory items like a beautiful brushed stainless steel shelf cover which fits over the plate steel folding shelf. Every Tejas barbecue smoker pit comes outfitted with a built in log lighter/gas assist accessory port in the rear of the firebox. Experienced smoker pit chefs truly understand how useful this feature is.

We are not a "custom" barbecue smoker pit and grill manufacturer. We make a eight of the most popular backyard models; made with great care and attention to detail. Large productivity gains and economies of scale are achieved by focusing on building a limited, popular selection of high quality barbecue pits and grills; producing each model in quantity. Our steel is ordered in exact amounts for each production run and there is practically no waste; like the waste that occurs in a custom manufacturing shop. We can offer fine barbecue pits and well-built barbecue grills at fair and reasonable prices by not being a high-cost "custom" barbecue pit shop that builds pits to order, one at a time. This is a win-win situation for the barbecue pit buyer and Tejas Smokers at the same time. Our satisfied customers number in the tens of thousands. In 26 years Tejas has grown quietly by well-satisfied customers telling their friends.

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