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Our 28th Year of Business!

CUSTOMER REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS. Feedback is important. Email us to let us know what you think about our products and service.

..."Happy new year! My wife bought me the cooker with 80 kbtu natural gas burner for Christmas. (HP8-1N-COM with RING2 and WINGS). We got our 9” wok ring today - thanks! - and I had it notched in about 30 minutes after the box was delivered, and used it an hour later. I cut wider notches, about 1” instead of 1/4”, where the cooker grate design needed it. Very happy with our new setup!  Good wok fireworks going off and some really tasty wok hey. The 9” ring is totally fine on this 8” burner. A few wispy flames escape outside when the wok is on top of the ring, but I’d say 98% of the heat is in inside the ring and in the middle of the wok where it ought to be. So aside from the slightly more demanding notching, this is a good rig and you shouldn’t hesitate to sell or recommend it. Daniel Pierce" Bozeman, Montana, 1/14/2021     HP8-1N-COM     HP8-1N-COM     HP8-1N-COM

..."Jesus, helped me with my order and he was great with all my questions about my order, ( COM5-GRN, PBM125-68-LEGS, WRSVPT Safety Valve with CVO250).  Thanks, Terry Bach"  Boyd, Minnesota, 5/21/2020

..."Thanks for the great service for the (COM5-GRN) and advice Jesus!  I am telling my bbq friends about your company! Alden Simonds" Weston, Massachusetts, 5/21/2020

..."What customer service and speedy delivery!  Jesus, quickly responded to my many questions, ensuring that I selected the correct burner and accessories that I needed.  I purchased the product ( LPCAST-N Low Pressure Natural Gas Burner with CVO Valve, Natural Gas Hose, and Quick Disconnect Socket Coupler ) on a Thursday morning and it was in my hand within two days.  THAT ROCKS!  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company!  David Nicolato"  Saunderstown Rhode Island, 5/18/020

..."I would like to thank everyone involved in my order.  Great product ( 1628LFCGB - Lower Framed Cooking Grate in Barrel for models 1628 and 1628CC ) and I was well satisfied with the quality and service I got.  Great people and Jesus Martinez did a great
job of keeping me informed when my order was shipped.  I will be ordering from you again.  Thank you. Robbie Langley", Childersburg, Alabama, 5/11/2020


..."Just wanted to thank you for not only a high quality product, but also for the fast turnaround on my order.  I couldn't find the adapter I needed anyplace  until I discovered your website.  Perfect fit and it will allow me to connect my RV port with my camp stove.  Highly recommend your products and now I need to consider getting one of your outdoor grills/stoves!  SteveTaylor", Greensburg, Pennsylvania  5/4/2020

..."I purchased items ( 100LP484 3/8"ID Low Pressure hose and a 104MB001 Model 375 Female Socket ) from your company and am very happy with the Quality and Sales Service that I received.  Oh yes, the Fast Shipping.  Thanks, Dan, Jones", Olalla, Washington, 10/14/2019

..."Wow…..I just wanted to say FINE JOB!!!  I did receive my dual burner outdoor cooker and it’s everything I had hoped for in a cooker ( CS2H Combo Double High Pressure Burner Cooker Stand ). It’s heavy duty and built with pride. The craftsmanship and design is second to none!  I fish a lot in Rockport and I'm fortunate to always catch my limit.  Now I know have a first class burner to cook them on.  This time on my way back from the coast I’ll certainly pick up some fresh shrimp to compliment my fish.  I’m so looking forward to start frying for my family and guests.  I am so proud to own one of your fine products and will certainly recommend Tejas Smokers to others.  I have complete confidence it will last me many, many  years.  It’s well worth the money…...a great value!!!   Keep up the great work folks!!!  Jim T.", Pflugerville, Texas, August 24, 2019

..."Hello again, I am onto another smoker build.  The last one turned out awesome!  Your products made it look and perform very nicely. 
( 1401 - Stainless Steel Sauce Bowl with Swivel Arm, 1502 - Log Lighter Assembly, SCAP - Push Nut Cap, 1508 - Stainless Steel Spring )
Thanks again for your help and don't forget Smoke Meat Every Day!  smiley smiley smiley  Tom Hellinger, Freeland, Washington January 26, 2019

..."Hello Cheyenne and Hello Majbritt: Yesterday the big parcel arrived here in northern Germany. Thank you for the careful packaging... everything ( CC200H High Heat Cooker 200,000 btu/hr and WOK Ring, HP10-1L-COM Hot Plate with 10" 100,000 btu/hr burner and WOK Ring, CVO250 Needle Control Valve Orifice for the HP10-1L ) is in perfect condition. Next week I will get the German adapters for the U.S. gas regulators you sent ( COM3 + 5 ft (60") SS hose, PILOT - Pilot Light Assembly for the CC200H, T-PILOT Gas Pilot Light Assembly for the HP10-1L-COM ) so they will fit on our German gas tanks. I will soon cook the first meal for a bunch of people. Thanks a lot! Mid freundichen Grüßen, Sðnke Droß" Ecklak, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, August 29, 2018

... "I wanted to drop you a message with photos of the smoker (Model 2442 Smoker Pit) I purchased a year ago. This smoker does a great job for me. I hope you enjoy the photos of this smoker and how I am using it. Thank you. Andy Vry" Mingo, Iowa, June 24, 2018

  • Model 2442 smoker pit
  • 2442 smoker pit on trailer

... "Jesus: I just wanted to let you know that the burner (LPCAST12 Natural Gas Burner) is installed now. We lit it on Saturday morning just to try it. It looks perfect ... thanks for all your help! Duane A. Plessinger", Wooster, Ohio, June 15, 2018

... "I love my model 2436 charcoal grill! I just ordered some replacement parts for a 2436 charcoal grill that I bought 10 years ago (2436XLMCG - Main Cooking Grate with Handles and APIT-2 1/2" Ashcroft Stainless Steel BBQ Temperature Gauge). I love this grill so much I wanted to send you a note. I live along the beach in southern New Jersey. Many years ago hurricane Sandy submerged my 2436 grill under 4 feet of salt water. Afterwards all I had to do was wash out the grill with my garden hose and burn a bag of charcoal to clean it. It was good as new. In the nine years since the hurricane this grill has not suffered any further salt water damage or developed any problems ... all the wheels still turn easily. I love this grill so much, thank you! Regards, John Harrold, Customer-for-Life", Ventnor, New Jersey, June 22, 2018

... "Jesus: Just wanted to thank you again for all your help, advice, great customer service, and a very friendly transaction. Tejas Smokers will continue to get all my propane-related purchases (PT9 - High Pressure 9: pigtail hoses Model 5LPA, 104HP061 - High Pressure Quick Disconnect Female Socket, Model 47 - Female Gas Flare Swivel x 90º Male Gas Flare ELL) because of their expertise, can-do attitude, available parts inventory, and great customer relations. You, your company and staff are the BEST!!" Jim Armstrong, Nampa, Idaho, June 20,2018

... "Thank you for your awesome service and quality products (COM5-UL low pressure regulator with 20 foot hose)." Robert Ekstrom, Hillsdale, Wyoming, April 23, 2018

..."You guys are on top of it.You have a better system than Amazon as far as communicating, shipping, and sales information. Wow, just Wow. (1403 - High Heat Touch-Up Spray Paint and 1504 - Loglighter and Brass Adapter )" Calvin Allen, Tyler, Texas 4/13/2018

... "These items (COMRI60-10 ft hose and pressure gauge) came SUPER FAST ~ Great seller, will definitely buy from again!!!" Johnny Cester, Shirley, New York 2/17/2018

... "Wanted to thank you for your knowledge! I was going to order the wrong size burner. I went from the largest (highest btu/hr) to the smallest (lowest btu/hr) and it was even still too hot for smoking jerky. I could only get it down to 180°F while it was ten degrees outside! It dawned on me if I put a screw in the one quarter of the burner holes it would decrease the amount of the flames and thereby decrease the total btu/hr output. This worked great. I got it down to 130°F very easily. So I am passing on this tip and am very thankful for the amount of information you passed on over the phone through your bbq guy tech guys. Thanks again, Mark in Illinois. By the way, from time I placed the order on the phone to the receipt of the package (Tejas Temperature Gauge, LPCAST-2L two-part burner, and COM5-GRN low pressure regulator with a Green Acme tank fitting) it was only three days. ( that was a bonus ) Mark Thompson, Dewey, Illinois 2/08/2018

... "My dad drove down from McKinney, Texas just before Christmas to buy a (1628 smoker). He loves it and has been having fun using it since. I really appreciate everything you guys did to take care of him. He can't say enough about the positive customer service experience he had with you guys. I also have a (1628 smoker) that I have loved using for some time! Your products have brought lots of joy to our family and friends!! Thanks," Ralph French II, Murphy Texas 1/15/2018

... "TejasSmokers!!! Thank You!! Lucky me you aren't under water. I received my order for the 60# variable regulator, hose, and a Red Acme fitting in record time and it cured my 3-burner camp/canning stove problems in the shop. My wife was distressed over yellow flames using her Walmart regulator trying to cook beets for pickled beets and boiling crabs. Last year I got one for my son and his half-fast turkey fryer. The burners also need replacing with your stock burners, but, even as is, I have ripp'n, hot blue business going on! WOW!" Ken Arnold Yelm, Washington 10/4/2017

... "THANK YOU! The 2454XL Steak/Fajita Grill is great. We are impressed with the attention to detail. Best," Paul Sartory, Outlaw Kitchens, San Antonio, Texas 8/10/2017

... "I will try in just a few words to commend the expertise, patience, and diligence of Tejas Smokers' customer service, especially that of Cheyenne Souza and the good quality of the merchandise sold by this e-trade e-commerce company. I have ordered from them since 2011 and I always had great experiences. Thank you and keep up the great work." Sorin C., 7/26/2017

... "I got my Tejas (model 2040) smoker from my Dad. It is the best gift I've ever received. He's unable to use it now but use it he did. It's several years old and never missed a lick. Works as well today as the day he picked it up at the showroom in Houston. We now want to buy one of your cooktops and griddle assemblies. Once you've used a high quality item from Tejas, you can't settle for cheap imitations. Thanks so much." Dale Dempsey, Houston, Texas 6/17/2017

... "I just wanted to share this with father-in-law passed me down his old Tejas smoker pit (Model 1628); which he bought roughly 33 years ago. It was rusty as hell but I put some work into it and she's good as new! Really great quality... I wanted to reach out and thank you for the effort put into your work. I love this thing - a solid build and after 30+ years it's as good as new. Just wanted to give Tejas Smokers a shout-out for making one of the best built smokers a man could buy. At some point I may have to grab a few replacement parts. I appreciate it that you guys have stuck to building the same model for so many years...obviously a tried and true model. It is reassuring that if in the future I need to do some further refurbishment work I can get the parts online. Awesome smoker. I intend to pass this down to my son 30 years from now. Have a great week." Joe Rubertino, Rockwall, Texas 2/27/2017

... "I am intending to use these accessories (Small Griddle, Wind Guard, WINGS, Wok RING) with a CS1H high pressure Single Burner Cooker Stand. The CS1H that you sent me is excellent!!!!" Douglas Braun, Placitas, New Mexico 2/21/2017

... "I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your products in general, the specific product I bought (model CC320H high heat cooker), your website, and your professionalism. I truly love to do business with places like yours! Keep it up!" Brad Perry, Santo, Texas, 2/13/2017

... "I would like to thank you guys so much for your help and your products. I placed my order (HPGX-1 venturis and COM2-30 high pressure regulator and Red Acme with Quick Disconnect hoses & Sockets) on Thursday and got it before noon on Friday. That is unbelievable! Thank you. I will return in the future should I need anything else." Ray Brogdon, Chandler, Texas 11/4/2016

.. "Very happy with the service I have had from Tejas Smokers. Thanks" (He purchased an HPGX-2 two-part high pressure burner with a COM3 Preset High Pressure Regulator and CVO125 needle valve control. The order was shipped to Canada) Ryan Northcott, North Saanich, British Columbia, 9/7/2016

... "Thank you for sending me the right-handed Poppa's Hook to replace the incorrectly shipped left-handed model I received with my new 2454XL Steak/Fajita Grill. Enclosed is the unused "lefty" Poppa's Hook, as promised. I was pleasantly surprised to also find a very nice Tejas Smokers Apron and Tejas Smokers Beanie Hat that I will enjoy very much as I show off this incredible work of art you have made for us. Because of your generosity and thoughtfulness, I am definitely a fan for life and a very proud owner. I look forward to many years of grilling and smoking on this awesome, high-quality machine. Thank-you!!!" Robert W. Bachman, Meridian Idaho, 9/1/2016

... "Just a note to let you know that I received the above product (COMRI-30 High Pressure Regulator) the other day and I have already put it to good use. I replaced a small propane bottle on a Rifle Brass Case Annealing Machine and its place I am now using the large BBQ style propane tank. To get better control of the flame for more consistency, I used your product as I saw an individual on YouTube do the same. I also eliminated the rough adjusting valve that came with the machine and substituted it with some fittings that were modified to do the job. Included is a photo of my modification and how 'cleaned up' it looks on the case annealing machine without the cumbersome GP-9 Goss valve.

Your hose is to the left and hooked to the tank, my two modified fittings are next and then the blow pipe. The regulator is like turning the dial on a vernier barrel measuring instrument as it is smooth and offers an infinite number of flame settings; something that is needed to get the right annealing temp for rifle brass. You have a well-built product. Thank you." Mike Ames, West Palm Beach, Florida, 8/12/2016

... "You have an awesome company! Thank you for being so accommodating and easy to work with! I will let everyone I know about your terrific products (HPB6 cast iron burner, COM3 regulator assembly) and service! Thank you again!!" Todd Fujimoto, Mililani, Hawaii, 7/28/2016

... "I purchased a second-hand Tejas Smoker. Great product, very well built. I ordered a cover (71628 premium vinyl cover) and other stuff (BBQ Black Hi-Temp Spray Paint and Stainless Steel Shelf Cover with pop rivits) which was shipped FAST. Y'all do a great job, very happy here. Thanks" Murry Adams, Fort Worth, Texas, 7/15/2016

... "You people really know how to run a business. Keeping the customer informed as you do is certainly the best." James Sempek, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 4/12/2016

... "Received this today and fired it (model 100LP450 low pressure strip wound hose with a stainless steel overbraid) up. It is running on a 1/2 inch low pressure propane stub out (should deliver 200,000+ btu/hr) on the porch with a 12 foot Tejas Smokers 1/2" braided SS line with quick connect and 104088 Model 4 - 1/2" ID Quick DIsconnect Socket. This unit and the line are simply worlds above the quality you will find anywhere else. It is very heavy duty and I will have no worries putting a large pot on it for any purpose. The braided 1/2" line (gas hose) and the valve are commercial quality. Since it is hooked up to a 250 gallon propane tank I was not willing to risk going with cheaper components to save a few $$$. I cannot say that about any of the other units or hoses I looked at. Would highly recommend if you want quality." Randy Carothers, Ferndale, Washington, 1/23/2016

... "I have smoked many racks of ribs, pork butts, briskets, and chickens for the last 10 years on my 1628 smoker pit. My family and friends love it when we get together. A fantastic cooker...." Greg Green, 1/08/2016

... "I just wanted to let you know that I received your set up (TS9413 twin stage LP tank regulator with a MANC Manual Changeover Valve). We installed it, tested it for possible leaks, and fired it up. WOW!!!!!! What a difference. My wife and I are extremely pleased. Thanks for your patience with me on the phone and in my emails seeking your advice." James and Joyce Hanson, San Bernardino, CA 12/19/2015

... "Thank you. The valve and hose arrived within 2 days and the brew day was a success!!! I have already passed on the good word to many co-workers and friends and hope you will continue to support our home brewing needs for a long time to come. Thanks again," Michael Wheeler, Round Rock, Texas 12/14/2015

... "These are the best made offset smokers money can buy!!! Mine still looks like new after years of cooking everything from Boston Butts, Sausage, Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Smoked Boudin, Turkey, Rabbit, Squirrels (for our Gumbos). About every two to three years, as needed, I pressure wash and repaint the firebox and any spots to try to get rust started. I use your high temperature touch up spray paint. The pit comes right back to a new condition in 30 minutes of work. By doing this small upkeep maintenance these Tejas Smokers should last forever. Best move I ever made on buying an offset smokers was choosing a Tejas Smoker made in Houston, Texas. My advice to anyone looking to buy an offset smoker go no further than Tejas Smokers...which are as good as they come in quality and service! Thanks Tejas," William Morris, Opelousas, Louisiana 11/30/2015

... "I just purchased three smoker grates from you last week. They arrived three days sooner than you said they would. They were exactly what you showed on your website. When I called to ask questions, the person who answered the phone helped me out and was a really nice guy. You have won a customer for life. I love your products and I like the way you do business. Thank you!" Brian C. White, Indianapolis, Indiana 11/01/2015

... "Awesome work! The grate fit perfectly. I will definitely return to you guys again for any of my smoker/grill needs. Thank you very much!" Daniel Briseno, Manteca, California 9/23/2015

... "Just bought one of your model 1628 smokers last week. I LOVE it! The very first time I fired it up I made some smoked pork chops that were the best I've ever had." Stefan Smagula, Austin Texas 10/10/2013

... "Just wanted to follow up on the 3 burner hot plate (HP3). It arrived on August 23rd in good order. I am VERY pleased with it and it looks and cooks like a champ. I was most impressed with your Shipping Department and their packaging, as it arrived without a single ding, scrape, scratch, or skuff. Given the weight and unwieldy size I think that speaks volumes to the thought you guys put into the packaging. Well done indeed. Did I mention this little jewel cooks like a champ?" (Model HP3-L for low pressure propane). Joey Woodall, Woodstock, Georgia 8/30/2013

... "Just wanted to say I love my Natural Gas Stove cart (CS2CART-COMBO). Now I do most of my cooking outside since inside, my stove is electric. It certainly came quickly -- much quicker than I was expecting. It was EXTREMELY WELL packaged. It must have taken 30 minutes just to unwrap it! I was afraid I might not have the same amount of control over the heat as you do with an inside gas stove. I was happily surprised my fears were unfounded and that you really do have just as much control. Now as long as it isn't raining, I try and cook most everything outside. Thanks for a great outdoor stove! It has saved me from the huge production of having to put in a permanent outdoor kitchen. This is much nicer!" Emily B. Harding, Greenville, South Carolina 6/14/2013

... Capt. Ed has been at it again. Apparently he is really craving for some more Tejas bbq: Tejas In The Snow VIDEO, as posted on You Tube. Washington Island, WI 3/1/2013

... "I have a smoker pit (model 1628) from your company and love it! I've had it about ten years, at least. I keep it at my hunting camp in Georgia. There have been many a great meal (and a few cold drinks) on that smoker pit! Thanks", Jimmy Keys, Odessa, Florida 1/15/2013 (note: Jimmy attached that note to a recent new order for a companion model 2436 charcoal grill.)

... "I wanted to send you a few pictures of the stainless steel rib rack I purchased from Tejas Smokers. This has been one of the best BBQ tools in my kitchen. It allows me to smoke 4 racks evenly and all my family and friends say my ribs beat any BBQ joints hands down! I've used it over 6 times and after a little clean up, looks just like I pulled it out of the packaging. This is a great product and I want you to know how happy I am with it, great job! As a matter of fact I have turned a bunch of my friends, family and co-workers onto your site. I threw in the pictures so you could see the rack in action. Hope it helps and once again thank you for such an awesome product. I'd also like to throw in y'all's delivery time was fantastic. I ordered it on Wednesday for a BBQ on Saturday and the rack was at my door on Friday. Awesome job all around." Scott Skains, Houston, Texas 1/12/2013

... Without a doubt, the most unusual feedback from a customer during 2012 came from Capt. Ed Brown who lives on Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin. Capt. Ed's Christmas Card to Tejas Smokers VIDEO is posted on YouTube. You have to see this. Capt. Ed had a lot of things to say about his model 2040 smoker pit. Some excerpts from his separate letter: "It arrived in fine shape and I’ll season it the AM tomorrow. I really love it already. It’s built.... I knew right away it was a winner when we started to unpack it. You could have shipped a case of nitroglycerin in that crate and it would have been fine. Say thanks to everyone there at the shop. I’m so glad I went the Tejas way… Note: It rolls around the yard just fine. When I saw the handlebars, I thought that maybe, there was a Harley engine in the box under the cooking chamber." December 20, 2012

... "I just wanted to say THANKS for an excellent product (68" pipe burner with venturi, a needle control valve orifice, and a preset high pressure propane regulator, COM1). I wish I had found you guys 20 years ago! That dang 68" pipe burner runs a perfect hot blue flame the full length of the pipe! With a little adjustment of the needle valve and air orifice I got just what I needed. It heats up my bluing tank to 275 degrees for my bluing solution in half the time and does not soot up anymore, saving me a ton on gas! Thank you so much! Glad I ran up on you guys on Google. I am a member of several gunsmithing internet forums and blog rooms and I am going to link your website to all of them. Such an excellent product. Thanks again. Joseph Stewart, Triple R Gunsmith Service, Panama City, FL June 29, 2012

... " I Just finished another brisket on my 1628 smoker and it came out perfect as always...melt in your mouth tender. I have cooked many pork butts and briskets over the years since I bought my smoker from Tejas Smokers. The only thing I have ever done to my 1628 smoker pit is wash it, sand the fire box in a couple spots on the outside, and paint the spots with high temperature BBQ paint. I have only done this 2 times in all the years I had it and as the pictures show it still looks like new. This is the finest smoker you can buy period! People may spend more money for another brand but I will put mine against any made for quality and cooking regardless of there price! Thank you for building such a high quality and awesome cooking smoker. I LOVE MY TEJAS SMOKER! Thank You Again. William H Morris, Opelousas, LA March 21, 2012

Thirteen year old smoker that has been in constant use!

... "Hey Jim, you and your staff are truly "Top Notch." I received my (2040CC Classic Chef) smoker pit on May 6, 2011. The delivery alone had my neighbors curious. My family and I marveled at the secure packing job your staff utilize...that alone is a testament to your professionalism. After unpacking (pics/video)and seasoning the 2040CC for approximately 4 hours, I broke it in with a beef brisket, some chicken breasts, a couple of Tri-tips, three racks of St. Louis style ribs, and a 5 lb. London broil cut in strips and marinated in teriyaki sauce a few days while anticipating the smoker (Beef Jerky)!!! Needless to say, I am overwhelmed with joy. I am now truly in BBQ bliss and loving every minute of it!! As I continue learning to master my 2040CC I will definitely keep you all posted. I'm feeling some smoked trout/salmon in the near future!!! Thanks again for your professionalism and attention to detail...I am saving the complimentary rub for future smoke!!! D. Burton, Sacramento, CA, May `3, 2011

... "I thought I’d let you know that I had the (two 68" long custom pipe) burners installed in my two old hog roaster/cookers I’d bought and they are now some mean cooking machines. The heat is easily controlled (using the adjustable, 0-20 psi, COM2 high pressure regulators) and we’ve cooked chicken, pork and beef on it. Works great and thanks for your excellent advice." K. Bumgarner , Winston Salem, NC, April 17, 2011

... "I'm using the pit (2040CC Classic Chef) almost every weekend now. Cooking anything I can get my hands on, I've had neighbors, co-workers, family and friends bring over something to smoke or grill. Next weekend we're cooking a whole hog (100 pounder) from J&J meats in Brookshire, Texas. Couldn't ask for a better pit and get a lot of compliments on it too. The log starter feature works great for warming up the pit and getting a good bed of coals started. Never would have thought that I'd be using gas on a BBQ pit but now I couldn't do without it. Hats off to Tejas Smokers for making one heck of a pit." S. Holcomb, Houston, TX, January 24, 2011

... "I finally got a chance Saturday to throw a few things on the new smoker (Model 2040CC Classic Chef). One word, WOW !!! (3) 12 lbs. briskets, (2) racks of pork spare ribs, (5) lbs of beef, pork and chicken jerky and some sausage links, and all at the same time! Warmed the pit up to get started with the log lighter. Never thought I'd ever use gas to warm up a pit and start a fire but I wouldn't even think about not using it now. I used 5 gallons of water in the bottom with 3 quarts of apple juice for the water table. After soaking the jerky meat the night before the leftover brine got poured in there too. Even as windy as it was Saturday, and I mean a gale in my backyard, the pit burned perfectly. Good and tight at all the seams and very easy to control with the slide on the firebox. I did accidentally bump the handle on the drain valve once. I now have a 1-1/4" plug for the valve to use when the pit is full. Even the cleanup afterwards went smoothly. After draining the cooking mix I re-filled it warm soapy water and used it like a big sink to scrub off all the grills. I used a light coat of "Pam" on the grills to keep the rust off till next time (Editor's note: cooking oil, rather than PAM is recommended for this purpose since PAM will leave a residue). Fed the masses up here at work today and didn't hear any complaints. As well as things turned out, this being the first time on the new pit, I can look forward to it just getting better with every future cook out. This is one outstanding grill/smoker/joy! Here's to good cookin'....." S. Holcomb, Houston, TX, December 13, 2010

... "Thank you very much not only for the great prices on your products, outstanding service and delivery, but the support from customer service when I ordered the wrong part for my burner. Looking forward to purchasing your quality equipment and products in the future. A true customer-oriented company." B. Malloy, Tiverton, RI December 9, 2010

... "I've been really enjoying my new 2040CC Deluxe Smoker (Model 2040CC Classic Chef)!! I got 'er all cleaned up, oiled down and smoked in the same night after you dropped it off. Thanks for taking that extra step with the personal delivery. It clearly shows that the folks at Tejas mean business in providing quality products and customer service." S. Holcomb, Houston, TX December 8, 2010

... "We just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service on our smoker pit (Model 2040CC Classic Chef). We got the new valve and tried the smoker out this weekend and everything turned out terrific - our brisket had the best taste it's ever had, mostly due to the fact that we didn't have to use lighter fluid or charcoal to get the fire started. Everything worked perfectly and my husband said to thank you for all the pointers you gave him on using the smoker, because it was all very helpful and allowed us to do a great job of cooking the first time around. Thanks again - we'll be sending pics of our company barbecue and we'll be bragging on your smoker and your company to everyone who asks. Sincerely." R. Jeffery, Baton Rouge, LA May 3, 2010

... "I'm a big outdoor bbq guy and I enjoy grilling and smoking more than just about anything. Back in 1999 I purchased a (model 1628) Tejas smoker pit. It weighed a ton and I figured it would last me a while. Well, 11 years later, four different addresses, and approximately 1389 great cookouts later it is still going strong. It is now part of the family. I've cooked it all on this puppy, you name it, it has been on my pit. So thank you so much for taking the time and pride to make such a strong, durable, life-time smoker pit.I sure have gotten my money's worth out of this purchase! P. Leyendecker," Laredo, TX April 19, 2010

... "I purchased a model 2430 from one of your distributors a couple of weeks ago and I simply love this pit. Having the fire box below the cooking surface and water pan is ideal (I can't understand why more pits are not made this way)! I have cooked on all types of pits but this is the most even-cooking unit I have ever used. I will never own another offset firebox pit again. I took the 2430 to a bbq contest this past weekend and won First Place in Brisket and Chicken. Everyone was in love with this pit. I also cooked five 18 lb pork shoulders at one time on this pit. I just want to say that I could not be more impressed with the 2430 and am thinking that you guys should consider creating an even larger version of this pit. Best regards." S. Fontenot, Alexandria, LA March 23, 2010

... "Finally got the smoker pit (1628CC Deluxe)! It took two of us the whole day to unpack it (shipped internationally in a wood crate). It was absolutely perfect —a great packing job! We used it for the first time (after seasoning it) last weekend, did pork butt and some smoking in the vertical chamber. Never have I or my friends had such a succulent feast. This has to be the Rolls Royce of pits. Once again thanks for all your help and a really well made product —which should last a lifetime. Best Regards." K. Pudney, Limassol, Cyprus, November 4, 2009

... "You have a great website...I purchased one of the large two-piece burners (HPMAX-2), The Monster Burner) for the World Championship Gumbo Cooking Competition in New Iberia last month and place 4th in the professional category for Seafood Gumbo....Thank you." W. Camp, CEO/Fabricator/Competitive Chef for Coffin Bar-B-Q Pits, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA November 2, 2009

... "I had looked for a Gas Hose EVERYWHERE and I could not find anything. You guys had exactly what I needed at a great price. I got my hose in just 3 days and it is PERFECT! I just wanted to say THANKS. I can get back to grilling! " M. Levinson, Eagle, ID, October 30, 2009

... "Thanks again for the fantastic (custom made) grill grates, they are absolutely perfect! They fit my store bought smoker like a glove. I really appreciate you letting me custom order the right size. Ya'll's customer service is top notch!" T. Gillum, Camp Lejeune, NC. September 29, 2009

... "I wanted to let you know that the 2040 (model 2040 Deluxe) worked great yesterday. For its initial cooking, I started with a brisket at 2 AM and 200 deg F with white oak. I did the brisket fat side down and mopped hourly and wrapped in foil and flipped it over to fat side up after 4 hours of smoking. I switched wood to hickory at 7 AM and put in a couple of slabs of pork spare ribs into the fire box end of the smoker barrel and left the wrapped brisket in the cool end. After 3 hours of smoking, mopping and flipping the ribs, I wrapped them in foil and went to burning only natural gas (using the gas assist/log lighter pipe) to continue cooking the brisket and the ribs at 200 deg F. At 1 PM I began burning pecan with two butterflied chickens on the top rack of the smoker. Around 3 PM I used a grill to finish off the ribs by caramelizing layers of bbq sauce and crisped the chicken skin with oil/salt. The brisket, ribs and chicken went into a regular oven at 200 deg F and salmon and sausage went into the smoker at 4 PM still burning pecan. Everything was done before the neighborhood arrived at 5:30 PM. This was a cooking marathon for me with no sleep and it was a demanding test of the 2040 but everything came out great. I'm going through leftovers today and enjoying flavors I was too wiped out to appreciate last night. The brisket was the best by far I have ever made and the smoke flavor of everything cooked was way better than anything I have made before - none of the bitterness characteristic of food made with my previous smoker. There is tremendous challenge and satisfaction from successful bbq and although I am a long way from feeling proficient at this, I am excited by the prospect of learning more and confident that I have the best equipment for the job. Thanks again Jim, Best regards," G. Munakata, Seal Beach CA. February 23, 2009.

... "Just wanted to let you know I received everything and could not be happier with the products quality as well as the technical and customer service reports from Tejas Smokers. ...I will use the custom cooker stand for crab boils, jambalaya, etc. Thanks for all the help." M. Onweller, Chicago, IL. October 12, 2008.

... "I would like to thank you and your staff...and with all of the hardship you and your fellow Texans just went through that real nasty hurricane... right after all that, I received my model 2040 smoker pit. I'm so proud of that pit and have seasoned it per your instructions, I cooked up some pork ribs and they were the best I have ever had. I used a rub and covered them left them in the fridge overnight. The next day I started my fire at 11:00 a.m. and cooked them at 225 degrees for 5 hours. They were tender and juicy...not dried out like in some restaurants and they fell slightly off the bone. The model 2040 held the heat just where I wanted it and did not vary at all. The damper in the firebox is very precise and needs very little adjustment to maintain the temperature. I didn't have to chase the temperature all stayed well within the limits. I just wanted to let everyone know this pit is AWESOME. I can't wait to try some Sockeye on it here in the Northwest...we DO like our fish. Thanks again for a Great Product. I will keep in touch." W. DeMent, Olalla WA. October 12, 2008.

... "Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks again! I LOVE this thing (Model 2040 DELUXE with a side burner)! In the past few weeks I’ve smoked out the neighborhood, but I have also been a huge hit at the pool as I’ve fed the folks I’ve smoked out! I’ve got an office full of test tasters who are now purchasing meats for me to cook and bring in! Brisket, tri-tip, ribs, and pulled pork thus far. All of it very, very good. I’ve got another big party on slate for 8/16…the final tune-up before football season! If you’re ever in the Bay Area, I know a place to get some real good grub. Thanks again," I.Vaca, Jr., Richmond California, August 4, 2008

..."...Man, I love that grill (2454XL with large wheels)! Now that's what I am talking about.... Awesome, simply awesome. Well packaged and sent in a very timely manner. J.Steib, Vacherie, Louisiana, July 22, 2008

... "This is the coolest item I have purchased in a long time. I am so glad to have found your web site. You now have a loyal customer for all my grilling and smoking needs. As I type this email I have 550 lbs of fresh Hormel pork “butt” on the grill and it is doing just fine. The propane assist for the steam pans is doing just fine thanks to the high pressure valve (COMRI-60 gas regulator with pressure gauge). Just wanted to say…Thanks," K. Muse, Trussville, AL July 1, 2008

... "...when saw the new model (2040CC-CLASSIC CHEF) I said to myself THEY MADE IT BETTER!!! WOW!! I didn't think that was possible. Thanks." F. Glover, Medina, Ohio, June 19, 2008

... "I got my new TEJAS SMOKER PIT (model 2040CC)!! yesterday morning. I got all the wrapping was so easy not having to really put anything together other than a handle and two temperature gauges. I'm lost for words. What a SMOKER PIT! Tonight I am seasoning the pit and after that I will use the suggested brisket recipe. The TEJAS SMOKER PIT is BEAUTIFUL work done. My hat is off to you and your company. Thanks Jim for all your help." F. Glover, Medina, OH, June 11, 2008.

... "I can't believe it's May already. We had the quintessential Michigan spring day yesterday. Crystal clear, blue skies, no wind, about 68 degrees. I got up at 4 am to start a brisket for a party that we had in the evening. Anyway, I had a 12 lb full brisket. This was my first attempt at brisket, and I cooked it for about 15 hours without foil. Kept the temperature consistently between 200 and 250. Had one little lapse early in the process where it got up to around 300. Used a recipe from Legends of Texas Barbecue, by Jim Goode. A couple of hours in I took a couple of onions, sautéed them, and then smothered the brisket in onions, which helped retain the moisture from the mop. Anyway, it was a huge success, the brisket was tender and moist. One of my doctoral students was here . . . she's a Texan, and she said it was some of the best brisket she's ever had. And I did it without foil and it had a perfect smoke ring. I love my model 2040! Thanks again," J. Reed, Williamston, MI, May 11, 2008.

... "I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service from Tejas Smokers once again. The burner (CC320H - Bad Boy Cooker) was in a word AWESOME, and I don't use that word much, as most of the time it is overused. I took a 122 quart pot half full of water and it came to a rolling boil within 15 minutes...cooked 300 lbs of crawfish to perfection. It used to take over an hour on my old burner, so it is quite a change, but it is something I can definitely get used to :>). Thanks" R. McCall, Pearland, TX, April 8, 2008.

... "I've cooked for any number of friends and family, and you should see them ogle that model 2040! It's the talk of the neighborhood! Thanks again for all your advice, and for the wonderful workmanship on the 2040. It's a thing of beauty. (It's all slopped up now. I believe you call that character!) All the best," J. Reed, Williamston, MI, March 30, 2008.

... "Thank you very much for such amazing customer service. I'm from Louisiana. Just a country boy in a big city really. I gotta tell ya, customer service like this doesn't exist in San Francisco. I so appreciate it. Thanks," C. Caballero, San Francisco, CA March 9, 2008.

... "Got my Rib Rack on Friday afternoon and was smoking with it on Saturday. It worked awesome. It was fairly easy to load up the ribs and easier to carry with the handles which also made it great when taking the ribs out of the smoker. It really helped cut the cooking time. I have usually just laid the ribs on the smoker racks and smoke them that way but not anymore. I will definitely recommend your Rib Rack to my family and friends. Thanks again for the fast shipment." M. Cummins, Independence, MO May 7, 2007.

... "I received the smoker (2040) yesterday. You should have seen us getting that thing in and out of my small pickup. Anyhow, I want to compliment you on a nice unit. Your images (on the website) do not do it justice. I plan to clean and cure it on Friday night and then fire it up on Saturday. Really excited! Thanks," R. Casey, Woodstock, GA February 14, 2007.

... "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I could not be happier with the smoker pit (model 2040CC) and all the accessory upgrades! First Class deal all the way! If you ever need a reference you can feel free to count on me! Thanks, " K. Yerves, Boca Raton, FL February 13, 2007.

... "I’m starting to get used to my new model 2040CC after using some “cheap imitations” for many years. It is really amazing how easy it is to control temperatures.... And by the way, it's one Hell of a Pit!!!!!!! I'm very happy and I'll bet it's the last one I'll need. Thanks again." J. Duncan, Frisco, Texas June 5, 2006.

... "I got the 2040CC smoker delivered to me here in Snowflake, AZ and began the seasoning process in a snow storm. I haven't been so excited about something in a long time. By about nine o'clock that evening I was finally ready to get cooking. Six o'clock the following morning I had it warming up for a day of cooking. I put on two racks of ribs, some links and a whole chicken. I know you told me to start out with something easier than ribs or chicken but you made it sound so easy I a felt like a pro. Now you will remember that I had never smoked or cooked on a smoker in my life and so this had the makings for disaster. I followed the directions you gave me down to the letter and off we went. My buddies had come by to rope some new steers we got at our arena so I jumped back and forth from roping to the smoker and watched the temperature gauges carefully. By the time we had worn out our horses the food was just finished. My dad who refuses to buy ribs because they are never good enough said my ribs were the best he had ever eaten. We pulled the bone out with two fingers and ate the meat with a fork. The chicken fell off the bone as well. I have cooked on it three times a week and nothing has come out less than perfect. Thanks again for putting me on to this great machine. I am not Texan but Arizona cowboys can hang with the best of them. Gotta go...I have a fifteen pound beef brisket on with two more racks of ribs. God Bless Y'all. D.Turley, Snowflake, AZ, February 7, 2006.

... "I have to say that the smoker (Model 2040CC) is everything I thought it would be, I have spent hours and hours cooking on it. I would make it mandatory that people buy the gas fire starter (log lighter) ...boy it is well worth it. I never thought I could cook like that on anything. That smoker makes it easy. I have very tight control over the temperature, and I love that. Last weekend I smoked a large chicken full of Guinness, 3 racks of baby backs, and a pork butt. All the neighbors are jealous, they wouldn't go home. My house was a party house all weekend. You were right on with putting the ribs in foil for the last hour on the smoker they fell apart when we were eating them. I am now the Barbeque King in my neighborhood. Thanks again. I love it..." P.G. Klasner, Dracut, Massachusetts, October 31, 2005.

... "I received my pit (Model 1628) last Monday and after the small chore of getting it unloaded (that thing is dang heavy) and waiting for my 50# box of pecan logs to get here.....I am now seasoning it and watching football today! Kind of glad I went smaller as I don't know what I would've done with the big boy. I can't tell you how happy I am with it, and I haven't even cooked on it yet - but I can tell it's going to be great. The quality is outstanding and I can't get over how quickly and easily it is to control the is as responsive as a regular oven burner. If you ever need someone to vouch or give a testimonial in your advertising - please feel free to use my comments. Thanks again." E. Lawton, Tampa Bay, FL, October 8, 2005

... "Just a note to let you know how amazing my model 2430 smoker pit is working. Every heavenly smoked item that comes out of it is nothing short of spectacular! So much so that a friend of mine bought one after he had some of the first brisket I made. This smoker is so easy to use and control, the log starter is a nice touch, it makes long hours of smoking a breeze. Thanks for a wonderful product and your gracious hospitality for helping me get started." R.Woods, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 6, 2005.

... "Jim, I just received my 2040 smoker. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your product. I ordered an extra ash pan per your suggestion (for use as a firebox lid baffle). As soon as I saw where it went and how it would protect the lid it was a no-brainer. I'm going to season the pit this weekend. Thanks for all the tips you've provided via email and on your website. It is rare to order something without actually seeing it and then have it exceed your expectations. Your smoker did that and then some. I'm looking forward to firing it up. Thanks again." E. Wayland, Newark, Delaware, September 13, 2005

... "I am tickled pink with my new 2040 smoker. I received it in perfect order and then seasoned it as per your instructions. It enabled me to throw a Labor Day bash that will be talked about for the ages. I smoked briskets, pork butts, ribs, turkey wings, and sausages just like a Pro. I would like to thank you for the personal instruction that you gave me. The barbecue publications that you recommended were first rate. Yes, indeed! I'm really having a time with this smoker. I have only had it a week now and have already used it three times! I have smoked everything from briskets to turkey wings...all with outstanding results. For Labor Day I really had it loaded up. As a matter of fact, I had my new grill (model 2454XL) AND the new smoker (model 2040) loaded up. There were over 100 people present. Every time I use it, I get better at it. I also keep it as clean as I kept my M16 rifle when I was in the army. The Tejas Smokers apron and the Tejas Smokers hat were beautiful, and I'm also glad that I brought the triangle dinner bell. Everything was great. It is a real good product and is well worth the money." C. Jackson, Cowpens, South Carolina, September 9, 2005.

... "I am loving my barbecue grill (model 2454XL). I received the grill, expertly packed for shipment, in perfect order. I followed your instructions to the letter and have enjoyed nothing but "Grilling Nirvana". I did up some ribs and steak, with unimaginable great results. They were so tender and tasty that you could not stop eating them. I grilled up a well done steak that was still moist and tender. This grill is down right bodacious. The quality and workmanship is without question the best. To top this off, it isn't hard to look at. It is very pleasing to the eye. This barbecue grill has enabled me to get results that I have never before been able to achieve." C. Jackson, Cowpens, South Carolina, August 18, 2005.

... "Just wanted to let you know that my Tejas Charcoal Grill new version of the 2436 (the model 2436XL) showed up in Michigan on time and in perfect condition. Excellent packing on your part must have contributed to that. I have used it 6 times now and every time I get a little better. Last night I did a couple cut up chickens kind of indirect and finished direct and they were excellent! It's nice to be able to move the fire up and down and to have enough room to get the food away from the fire when you want to, but still get a good hot fire right up under your steaks. I have to compliment your construction as well. The welds are excellent and the bending is perfect. You guys are clearly fans of the "When in it stout" school of manufacturing. I couldn't be happier. Thanks," R. Martin, Bloomfield, Michigan, July 13, 2005.

... "I would like to thank you and your associates for providing true Quality Customer Service. We arrived back home in El Dorado, Arkansas Saturday afternoon with the Model 2040 safe and sound. The packing and loading of the pit in my truck was superb. The pit did not move an inch during the trip back to Arkansas. The pit (model 2040) is a dream come true with the ease of the pit holding temperature during the four hour seasoning process on Sunday afternoon. I can’t wait to smoke a few ribs using the pit. The ability of the pit to hold 225 degrees will be a snap with its ability at holding temperature during the break-in. Thanks again for the tour and class on BBQ 101. You have a wealth of knowledge to share. Wish everyone had the opportunity to meet and talk with you one-on-one in Houston. Once again you are the true meaning of Quality Customer Service in both the quality of the pit you sell and the individual service you provide throughout the sell and delivery." B. Lockwood, El Dorado, Arkansas, May 2nd, 2005

... "Thanks again...the pit (model 2040) was exactly as you represented it would be. I used it for the first time last Saturday. After four hours of break-in, I made some ribs and sausage. They were incredible. I have never cooked on anything that holds the temperature the way this pit does. Once (before I had started cooking) I had to leave for a couple of hours. I added a log and stabilized the temperature at 205 degrees. When I returned, it was sitting pretty at just over 200 degrees. Needless to say, I was completely blown away. It's been years since I have been as pleased with a purchase as I am with this one. Keep up the good work!" C. Brooks, Austin, Texas, April 29th, 2005.

... "Thanks for the quick, easy, and, best of all, thorough transaction. I purchased this pit (model 2040) from you, sight unseen, because of my respect for your attention to detail and passion for what you do. I picked up the pit yesterday, and have not gotten it down from my truck bed yet, but intend to break it in and smoke an inaugural rack of ribs this weekend. I will gladly stay in touch, and will not hesitate to ask questions when they arise. Again, it was a distinct pleasure dealing with you. Your breed is rare these days." Best regards, C. Brooks, Austin, Texas, April 21st, 2005.

... "Wow. I followed several of your suggestions from our phone call and I have made two turkeys, two chickens, some smoked salmon, and several racks of ribs since then. The Pit (model 2040CC) is awesome! I am extremely happy with it and your advice was invaluable. Thanks again!!!!!!" M. Cullen, Peebles, Ohio, March 22nd, 2005.

... "The barbecue pit arrived, and now I can see where all of that armament for our boys in Iraq disappeared to. We literally had fears of being crushed as we wrestled it (model 1628) from the bed of my son's pickup. I'm reminded that price is an issue only in the absence of quality, and the quality is there. Thank you." T.Burtschin, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, March 30th, 2005.

... "I was very impressed with your products (stainless steel rib rack and drunken chicken stand) just by looking at them.. then when I used them I was even more impressed. I have always had a problem with inferior products that last a few years and then end up in the scrap heap ... yours seems to be the kind the things you could use for years and then pass on to your children." J. Phillips,, Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 21st, 2005.

... "I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a fine product you have. I recently purchased the model 2040 barbecue smoker pit and I am extremely satisfied. This is my 3rd barbecue pit and none compares with yours. The ease of cooking when you don't have to stand over your barbecue smoker pit is unbelievable, and the meat is outstanding. Thanks again for your prompt service and the unmatched quality your business provides." T. Jarrard, Demorest, Georgia, March 13st, 2005.

... "I received my barbecue pit (model 2040CC) yesterday, broke it in as you recommended, and smoked a butt which I am eating now. I used some pistachio and cherry wood. The meat is awesome and the barbecue pit blows my buddy's Gator pit away! The fit and finish is phenomenal. I fired it up and found it a breeze to keep it at 225 degrees. Great barbecue pit!" S. Yokobosky, Chandler, Arizona, February 20th, 2005.

... "I just wanted to let you know how much I love the barbecue smoker pit (model 2040CC). I have learned a lot and everything is coming out so good. I have never seen a better barbecue pit anywhere and everyone here loves it." S. Ezell, Huntsville, Alabama, February 12th, 2005.

... "I bought 2 of your model 1628 smokers in November (2004) and they are without question the best cooking barbecue pits I have ever seen or used. I have cooked Brisket and Boston Butt and they came out so juicy and tender it was outstanding. I also grilled some steaks using the grill portion in firebox... super steaks. Temperature control is easy to maintain while smoking and clean up is a snap. Everyone should own one! GREAT WORK TEJAS. Thanks" W. H. Morris, Opelousas, Louisiana, January 5th, 2005.

... "My 2430 is absolutely outstanding." C. Chapman, Sebastian, Florida, October 16th, 2004.

..."Just an update on the model 2040 barbecue smoker pit I purchased from you a little over a year ago. I just finished my first season on the competitive BBQ circuit using my 2040. Highlights of the summer include; 9th overall at the Minnesota State Championship and at the State Center, Iowa contest (2nd in ribs), 2nd in brisket at the Iowa State Championship, and 24th overall at the 2004 American Royal in Kansas City. Thanks for making such great barbecue pits ! " R. Mueller (Duke's BBQ), Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, October 15th, 2004.

... "After 13 years with our now worn-out barbecue smoker pit, my Father's Day present was a new barbecue pit (model 1628) from your company. I performed the 4 hour burning-in before the first use and let me tell you, there's nothing like a Tejas smoker. I smoked ribs today and they were out of this world. I smoked them unwrapped for about 2 hours, then wrapped them in foil after a liberal coating of barbecue sauce. Two hours after that we ate some of the best ribs we've ever tasted. Oh, we also threw in some sausage in an nibbled on that while waiting for the ribs.... Next weekend is brisket time. Thanks for a great cooking machine." R. Wolfe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 20, 2004.

... "I just thought that I'd write to tell you how happy I have been with your barbecue smoker pit (model 1628CC). Since I bought it last April I have used it numerous times and it makes wonderfully smoked meats (and smoked habanera and peppers too...!!!). I followed your burn-in and all your instructions exactly. I've done smoked turkeys, country ham, chickens, ribs, salmon, mostly using a pecan/hickory mixture. All the northerners up here have never seen anything like it. My neighbor came over and said: "What is that thing, anyway ?" They think I'm nuts until they eat the food...!!! By the way, lately I have even used it down to 30-35 degrees-F here in the frigid North and it still works fine. You can put this in your advertising ... !!! :-)" J. Baiano, Brick, New Jersey, January 25, 2004.

... "The barbecue smoker pit (model 2040) is great. In fact, it is so fine that people are always checking it out and commenting on it. I referred a guy in our fire department to you so he will probably be coming to see you. He was so impressed with it he didn't want to change a thing but add a stainless steel cover shelf to the folding table in front. Again thanks a lot and happy cooking." J. Frank, Unit 453 Tri- County Fire Dept., Waller, Texas June 6, 2004.

..."My barbecue smoker pit arrived this afternoon. What an incredible pack job. Maximus, my 145lb., 11mo. old puppy tore into the styrofoam like a bear in heat. The mess he made in the back yard was unbelievable and I will be cleaning up little white bits for the next few days at least. I sure picked the right model (model 2430) from your barbecue pits . It's perfect. Even smells great. Thank-you very much. :-) " C. Chapman, Sebastian, Florida, March 22, 2004.

... "Hi...hope you are doing fine. My model 2430 smoker doing real good. Best ribs in town! I just smile when I try to eat some of the restaurant ribs. They don't even rate with mine. Really am enjoying my smoker!! Have a nice day." D. Goble, Eaton Park, Florida July 31, 2004.

... "I just purchased the model 1628 last week. I smoked my first pork butt and I am hooked!! I love it- I can't wait for this weekend to try again." J. Hilburger, Buffalo, New York, June 9, 2004.

... "Thank you for the notification (Advice of Shipment). Tejas Smokers customer support is truly excellent. Can't wait to get started. Thanks." D. Marshall, June 8, 2004.

... "The barbecue smoker pit has been unpacked and is being seasoned now. The thing (model 2040) is awesome. Craftsmanship is top notch. My yuppie neighbors are astonished! They think it's some type of whiskey still. I'll set 'em straight with some pork buts tomorrow." R. VanArsdale, Ruther Glen, Virginia, March 26, 2004.

... "Just to let you know that last Sunday, I made the best pork ribs ever! They were devoured by my guests. I have redemption! I am the man...the 'BBQ Man'. Thanks for your advice and patience. I just hope I can duplicate the results. The ribs were melt in your mouth good. They were tender, moist and falling off the bone. I used a rub with less sugars, a beer (good beer)-based mop, and a honey BBQ finishing sauce. I did leave some ribs dry. I smoked them for about 4 hours (mopping every hour and turning once). After that, for approximately one hour, I foiled them (tight seal) with some mop sauce inside. The ribs were taken from the foil and painted some finishing sauce. I place them back into the barbecue pit and let them smoke for about 30-40 minutes longer. The results were fantastic. This is why I purchased a smoker (model 2430)." T. Brooks, Ventura, California, July 15, 2004.

... "The new barbecue smoker pit (model 1628CC) has arrived here in Germany safe and sound and we already have broken it in according to your instructions. We used it the first time last Saturday and it worked very nicely. Thanks for the very good packaging of the BBQ (there happened to be lots of profanity when my brother and some friends tried to open the crate in order to roll the BBQ into the garden). Many thanks for the how-to advice you sent with your last e-mail." H. Hammes, Cologne, Germany, July 5, 2004.

... "Thanks.... Over the years, this barbecue smoker pit (model 2040CC) has been used extensively for all kinds of gatherings at the Lonesome Pine Ranch, where barbeque is the main food. I have barbequed for wannabe cowboy groups and journalists from all over the U.S. as well as foreign entourages from Norway, England, Israel, Spain, Germany, China, and many other places. This barbecue pit is as good as it gets for great barbequing. Thanks again..." J. Elick, Elick Land & Cattle Company, Texas Ranch Life, Bellville, Texas, December 19, 2003.

... "I've been able to use my new smoker a few times, and as I'm getting used to it, the food gets better each time I use it. A few days ago I smoked a couple pork butts and a couple of chickens. The pork was great and the chickens were the best I've ever done. My biggest concern was the ability to hold heat, but this barbecue pit (model 2040) keeps the temp steady without constant tending. You do not overstate your barbecue pits ability to hold heat. After my last smoker, this is something I can really appreciate. Thanks again for making a great smoker. Since you like trying new recipes, here's (my favorite pulled pork recipe, using a pork shoulder: 1/2 cup cider vinegar, 1/2 cup water, 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1 1/2 cups of ketchup, 1 1/2 teaspoons black pepper, 2 teaspoons of salt, 2 1/2 Tablespoons dry mustard, 4 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, or Cayenne pepper to your desired heat level and add a couple spoonfuls of drippings caught during the last couple hours of the smoking, simmer and stir, then mix in with pulled pork). It will take 1 to 1 1/2 batches of sauce per ~6lb pork shoulder. It is a simple recipe but it's really good." J. Lepley Columbus, Ohio, October 9, 2003.

... "I purchased a barbecue smoker pit (model 1628), see above comments) from you a couple of weeks ago. I am a total novice. I never had one before and this was a new adventure for my family and me. We seasoned it per your instructions, but being new to this I was hesitant to use it. Yesterday I was handed a prime rib and was told to either smoke it or eat it raw.... So I smoked it !!! During the process I was the object of everyone's jokes and teases. They were sure my first attempt would be catastrophic, but your smoker proved them wrong! The prime rib was magnificent. Your barbecue pit performed brilliantly, and everyone was amazed and delighted (including myself)." D.Gasparetti, Lincoln, Nebraska, August 2003.... "Just wanted to let you know that the smoker (model 1628) arrived safe and sound, and it is just what I was hoping for and then some." D. Gasparetti, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 2003.

... "It was good talking to you today. I again want to express my great pleasure in owning a Tejas Smoker Pit. There are a few things about these barbecue pits (model 2430) that I think are really great. First, the pit is of the highest quality. It almost seemed a shame to cook in it. "Almost" was the key word. It holds a constant temperature and makes the most moist and delicious food. I occasionally use it to grill but the great flavor of the smoke has me grilling less and less. Another nice thing about the pit is that it makes a relaxed day. You know that you have to stay nearby and just relax. Finally, the pit holds so much that we frequently have friends drop by to share the bounty. It has been a great thing and I look forward to more warm weather. Again, thanks." R.Wiesenthal, Wappingers Falls, New York, April 21st, 2003.... "I bought a smoker (model 2040) from you last year and had it shipped up to Northern Virginia. The quality of the packing was excellent, the order was complete and I have had the best year ever barbequing. The barbecue pit is well constructed and works like you advertise and better. If you remember I came down to your shop to look at the unit before I had it ship test If you remember I came down to your shop to look at the unit before I had it shipped up to Virginia. Thanks for your quality product. I am referring friends!" K. Glover, Arlington, VA October 24, 2002.

...."Last month Tony was a judge in a "Smoke Out" in Old Tucson. We got to meet some big time smokers and got some great tips. We are very happy with this barbecue pit, and so are our neighbors and friends. We love our new smoker (model 1628)". E. Rullo, Tuscon, AZ, May 21, 2002.

..."I've had the model 2430 barbecue smoker pit for almost 5 years and I keep loving it every time I use it. When I got serious about smoking I checked out all of the smokers on the market and purchased this one because of 3 main criteria: the design of the firebox underneath, the low smoke stack, and the water tray. I bought it in Dallas when I lived in Ft. Worth and it's been with me on 3 moves: from Ft. Worth to Houston, Houston to Orlando, and now Orlando to Memphis. Thanks for a great barbecue pit. I know I'll have many more years of smoking pleasure." E.Robins, Memphis, Tennessee, January 19, 2002.

..."Hello from New York City. Got the smoker pit (model 2430) on Monday. Lit it up and seasoned it according to your instructions. Easy to get used to. Had some stuff marinating and about 10 friends in waiting. What can I say? I thank you. My friends thank you. My food thanks you...scrumptious and spectacular. Even the first time out, I could see, when I set the temp to 200 F, it stayed right there for 45 minutes. Now we are all getting ready for a massive BBQ. Thanx again with all your help and patience for we northerners. It was well worth the wait! You would have laughed watching three Chinese (and) me, without a word of English between them, carry (it) up 5 flights of stairs (up to the roof top patio in downtown New York City)". Thanx again. P.Burstin, New York, New York, June 12, 2002.

..."Louis (Tejas Dealer in Goldwaithe, Texas) had my model 2430 combo barbecue smoker pit delivered to Whitney (on) Sunday. It looks great and appears to be everything that I was looking for in a smoker. Try this recipe sometime: Apple Turkey...Inject turkey with apple juice concentrate (large can of frozen). Season cavity with your favorite seasoning (I use Rudy's Turkey Rub) and then stuff cavity with quartered apples. Rub turkey with same seasoning. Smoke over apple wood (or use apple smoking chips on pecan) at 225 for about 40-45 minutes a pound. Best to place turkey in an aluminum roasting pan as the apples really put out the juice. You can use this to baste periodically. Regards, " R.Hauser, Whitney, TX, June 25th, 2002.

..."Just want you guys to know that the model 2430 is everything I expected and hoped for in a smoker. Smoked a couple of large briskets and a couple of pork butts plus some sausage. I have never smoked briskets that were so tender and juicy......the butts, too. Temperature was very easy to control and clean-up was a no-brainer. Love the log starter. Thanks!" R. Hauser, Whitney, TX, July 1st, 2002.

... "I picked up my smoker pit (model 2040CC) last night (at the freight terminal). All I have to say is that if it works as good as you packaged it for shipping it's going to be one hell of a Smoker!!! I'll be in touch." L.Trapizona, Pittsburgh, PA, August 1st, 2002.

... "Here is a nice recipe for: (Boned out Leg of Lamb that can be slowly smoked or grilled, whatever. Take one boned leg of lamb and cut all visible fat, and tie back up with butcher string. Prepare a marinate with the following: 3/4 bottle red wine, 1/2 C olive oil, 1/2 C Worchestershire sauce, 3/4 C chopped garlic, 3/4 C chopped rosemary, 1/2 C basil, 1/2 C oregano, 1/4 C curry, 1 T crushed red pepper, 1 small onion chopped, 2 T salt, 2 T black pepper. Put it all in a big Ziploc bag with the lamb and marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hrs, preferably 48 hrs). If you do this a lot, it helps to get the spices and garlic at Costco, or in bulk at a Mexican food place." T.Gates, Yakima, WA, August 12, 2002.

..."Just wanted to say the Steak/Fajita cooker (Model 2436XL barbecue grill) is great. You have a top notch product." G.Willbanks, Houston, Texas, August 26th, 2002.

..."Recently, I purchased one of your fabulous barbecue pits , a Model 1628 barbecue pit. I have smoked on it a few times since I purchased the black iron-horse and greatly enjoy it." G.Riki, Missouri City, Texas, September 16th, 2002.

..."I really appreciate you and your crew coming out to my house on such short notice. Tejas Smokers definitely went over and above what other manufacturers would have even come close to calling customer service. The barbecue smoker pit (model 2430) worked great for my BBQ that weekend and the brisket and ribs were the best I have cooked yet. I should have just called you in the first place. Again, I love this barbecue smoker pit and I thank you for the service. I will definitely be sure to recommend your barbecue pits to anyone who is looking to buy one in the future". C. Rose, Houston, Texas, March 26, 2002.

..."I received the two barbecue pits (model 1628) smoker pits on July 13th and tried mine out already. Great fun!" V. Osterwalder, Caslano, Switzerland, July 30, 2000.

..."Thanks for all your help with the trucking company. The grill (model 2436) barbecue grill arrived last Monday and was everything we expected. Thank you for making such a great product!" R. Shepard, Menlo Park, CA, July 17, 2000.

...."Jim, you were right, that I would come around and get the fire starter (log lighter assembly for the built-in log lighter port) sooner or later. Just got back from vacation, spent a month in Spain. My last big smoke was two large raw hams for Mother's Day. Thirty hours later the guests did not believe it was ham. Thanks for making GREAT barbecue pits (2040CC). I'll fire it up again this weekend with pork loin, shrimp, and smoke/grilled asparagus". J. Ara, Fulshear, Texas, September 15, 2000.

..."Thanks for picking up the shipping (free shipping on cookbooks and accessories). This makes your store very price competitive with even the "big book sellers" like". C.Skelly, Wheat Ridge, CO, June 14, 2001.

..."You guys seem to be the "Cadillac" out there on the web for a backyard smoker pit , and have (a) very useful, informative web site". B. Harlan, March 22,1999.

..."Boy, do you make great looking barbecue pits !!!" J. Stewart, January 07, 1999.

..."Owned one your great barbecue pits (model 1628) over four years, have really enjoyed it". G. McShan, Pasadena, Texas, January 1, 1999.

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