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1504 - Log Lighter and Gas Heat Assist Pipe Burner


1504 - Log Lighter and Gas Heat Assist Pipe Burner. Includes Brass Adapter

►   The LPG gas log lighter pipe will save you a half hour every time you start your logs. Simply turn on the gas from your propane tank and light the log lighter, wait a few minutes, and the logs are in flames. This procedure also eliminates the need for using charcoal and smelly charcoal lighter fluid. The natural gas version is available at the same price by request.

►   This unit also works well as a gas assist for maintaining a constant temperature in a pit when you don't want to use wood logs or charcoal. A relatively small flame will maintain the pit at 225 degrees (or higher).

►   The log lighter pipe itself, not including the cast iron venturi (gas/air mixing chamber which is included) is 16 1/4" long. Measuring from the end of the venturi closest to the pipe, there is 4 1/4" of just pipe before the first hole. Then a series of holes continue for 10 1/2". Measuring from the last hole there is 1 1/2" of just pipe to the end of the unit. Full pipe length is 16 1/4" .

►   The venturi (gas/air mixing chamber) is 3 1/4" long. Full length is 18 1/2".

►   To be used with a High pressure regulator.

Wt. 1# 11 oz. Free shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. States.