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COMRI-30 - ADJUSTABLE 0-30 psi High Pressure Propane Regulator & Gauge


COMRI-30 -ADJUSTABLE 0-30 psi High Pressure Propane Regulator and Pressure Gauge Assembly, includes a POL propane tank fitting, a pressure gauge, and 1/4 ID UL approved hose.

Perfect for adjusting the pressure flow to a repeatable setting. Note that the actual pressure gauge on this model will have a range from 0-60 psi to protect the gauge from "pings" when first seeing full pressure. Purchase Options are listed below:

►   Red Acme wrench-less safety tank connector is available at the top of this         page, at an additional charge.

►   Stainless Steel protective hose overbraid is available as the SS Hose                   purchase option at an additional charge.

►   QDC - High Pressure Quick Disconnect Hose Combination Set is available
       as the QDC Hose Set or the Stainless Steel Overbraid Quick Disconnect
       hose as the QDC-SS Hose Set purchase Option.

Wt. 3# (w/ 5 ft hose). Free shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. States.