Charcoal Grills   

Model 2436XL and  2454XL Steak/Fajita bbq grills - These are the ultimate charcoal grills.  A charcoal bbq grill with a double walled firebox!  A charcoal barbecue grill having the right, left, and rear side walls with a one inch air space in between two steel plates!   Independent charcoal racks can be placed on any of three separate levels of the charcoal grill.   A full length slide-out ash pan. 
Tejas Smokers
® is offering a charcoal barbecue grill which can be used as a steak bbq grill, a fajita grill, or as a smoker pit. This Tejas Smokers® BBQ Grill series is impressive ... with a brushed stainless steel fold out shelf.   Air cooled stainless steel spring handles that stay cool to the touch...simply barbecue grill heaven.


2436XL Barbecue Grill and 2454XL Barbecue Grill from Tejas Smokers® in Houston, Texas.